New retail of sex toys

How can I tell you where the new retail is going to be and what kind of gameplay do you have? Alibaba, JD, Meituan, Suning, Netease, Hailan House, Chanel, etc. The new retail topics we hear seem to be these brands. What are these brands? These are brands that we ca n’t afford. For new entrepreneurs, the new retail power point may only be playing scenes, immersive, sinking and other various scenes. Almost all new retail practitioners are looking for scenes And, it is difficult for e-commerce to impact moral scenes, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, shelves, etc., and then create a new retail model-unmanned vending machines and unmanned supermarkets.

So how to build the scene of sex toys, or is sex toys suitable for operation according to the “scenario theory” of the new retail? The answer is yes, as long as it is selling things, scenes are indispensable. Of course, cheap adult sex toys also need excellent scenes to infect and stimulate consumers to pay. Of course, there are many factors for setting up the scene, such as location, purpose, time, purpose and so on. In this article, we talk about a few scenarios suitable for the marketing of sex toys.

The first scene is based on our first impression of sex toys. The word love comes with mysterious, fun, beautiful, entertaining and other relaxing situations. Speaking of sex toys, of course, we will think of a country-Japan. Japan perfectly combines the second element of anime and sex toys to create a scene for the experience of secondary sex toys. Think of the feeling of an ordinary person entering the second dimension space. When entering the space-time tunnel, and entering the second-dimensional fun experience space, will there be a feeling of excitement or novelty, what is the scene to join and take the other half to experience together? All babies can imagine for themselves, such as about two-dimensional fun experience museum.

Someone may ask, how to build a two-dimensional scene. From the perspective of decoration, we need to decorate the entire store style of the city ’s two-dimensional animation; from the aspect of experience, it is best to be able to combine some of the two-dimensional service terms; from the perspective of products , It is best to have original or well-known IP secondary theme implantation.

The second scene is based on the place where sex toys are used. Why do you say that, because this place is not subjective to us, such as hotels, we all know that this is a place with a high probability of, Therefore, we seek the cooperation of the hotel to build a fun experience scene, and this scene is not so complicated, mainly for convenience, so it may be solved by a small unmanned vending machine, and the subsequent theme rooms created according to the hotel can be more Good to play the construction of the fun space.

The mission of the new retail is not only to occupy the scene, but also to extend and expand the scene. It has both precise insights into user behavior and in-depth fitting of hotel scenes. The core of the new retail is to keep pace with the user’s consumption behavior, rather than the various patterns in the business model. After all, the driving factor for consumption change is the change of the user group and the change of people’s consumption concepts in the past.